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Welcome to the official website of ATL RENTING

ATL RENTING Sp. z o.o. specialises in the renting, lease and sale of tractors and trailers. The customer may select the best form of acquiring a transport vehicle. At present we have a broad range of trucks in our offer. Please take a look at our current offer.

We offer:

· flexible period of the agreement;

· simplified procedure;

· quick decision to enter into the agreement;

· option to install additional accessories on the customer’s request;

· professional customer service;

· agreement can be accepted in the case of newly formed companies;

· organisation and funding of the technical service of vehicles;

· option to purchase the transport vehicle after the agreement’s expiration;

· comprehensive management of the claim handling procedure and contacts with the insurer.

Financial advantages:

· low initial own capital is required;

· Customer’s creditworthiness remains unaffected;

· all the fees are included in the lease instalments;

· option to recognise the lease fees as tax-deductible expenses;

· option to precisely control the vehicles’ operating expenses.

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